• Teachers: Our schools need to be fully funded to ensure that we are teaching the skills that kids will need to help keep our area vibrant and growing.  To do that we must give our schools the support they need both inside and outside of the classroom

  • Workforce Redevelopment: As we enter the future our industries change rapidly we must prepare our workforce to be prepared and adapt with the industries

  • Education for all: We need to ensure that people can go beyond high school for learning whether that be through college or working in the trade schools to ensure that everyone can have a quality middle class lifestyle if they work for it.

Economic Development
  • Infrastructure: Our rural communities are becoming increasingly disconnected not just due to roads and bridges falling into disrepair but also the lack of a reliable internet connection.

  • Tourism:  I want to show the rest of America what we have to offer here with our lakes, campgrounds, outlets, wineries and breweries we have an opportunity to show off what makes Butler and Mercer Counties special. 

  • Jobs:  We need to have real economic development and attract new industries to our district to provide jobs that will allow people to stay in our district for generations to come

  • Affordability and Access: Every day, healthcare systems are consolidating and we need to make sure our rural communities still have affordable and accessible healthcare providers.

  • Opioids: This crisis is the scourge of our community and will be at the forefront of my legislative agenda and to hold those responsible accountable.  The opioid crisis has taken too many people from our towns and communities already and too little has been done to fix it or ensure that this can’t happen again.

  • Mental Health: We need to start removing stigmas and treat mental health as a serious healthcare issue; many issues such as the opioid epidemic stem from poor access to quality health care.